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The AxiomEE Company was founded in 2015, and has been providing quality Green Growth to the businessman and companies ever since.



We build a friendly, innovative team where you can use your expertise and experience to create high-quality, modern solutions. We’re looking for people they know – they’re good at their profession. They are proactive and work is more of a heartbeat for them. There is plenty of opportunity. We offer modern business and meaningful use – we help our clients handle challenges, especially in the field of energy savings in buildings (EPC, IoT, digitization, cloud, online applications). Show your personality through a modern approach! You decide in which direction your career will evolve. Everyone has talent – we will provide you with the necessary support to get to your dream. Our goals are not small – it will be demanding but luxurious!
Come and talk about how you could grow professionally with us. Do you want to find out?                    
Send your motivation email and CV in English, and if it’s comfortable for you, also in Czech. Please contact
We are looking forward to collaborate with you!