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The AxiomEE Company was founded in 2015, and has been providing quality Green Growth to the businessman and companies ever since.



We live on a beautiful blue planet.
We live in a hyperlinked world with mobiles and news bombarding us with information in the day and even at night. Our world is transparent – everyone evaluates everything. So we create an open space for feedback and remove barriers between employees.
We build on the common language and the way we think, but diversity is the foundation of stability and it fosters innovation and success. With with the application of inclusion policies, we gain, develop, and are able to maintain great employees, hence our company grows.
In our company, we will prepare tailored solutions to save your time, finance and energy.
We believe Green Growth and Energy Efficiency for a claim that does not need to be proven, the postulate – an axiom.
Show your personality through a modern approach. Shine. It’s luxurious!
Introducing modern business based on dreamsellers – those who make it sexy even for your mother / father.
We are dreamsellers and we are here for you!

And our ambition is to sell the art of living sustainably.


AxiomEE is a company that has been designed to provide services for business. Or for the owners of buildings. Or for others.

We offer comprehensive services in all global markets. Our services include special fields as Business and Innovation management or Energy efficient buildings management.

Our approach includes innovative solutions and digitalization, design for energy consumption optimization, technology and resources recommendations, architectural or engineering activities, installation and realization of all optimal measures, operation and service, technical tests, warranties and, where appropriate, financing.


Our company was founded in 2015, and has been providing quality Green Growth to the businessman and companies ever since.


AxiomEE is a private limited company.

We realize projects and services targeted on Green Growth and we are helpful for improving or changing our clients’ processes, including, but not limited to their modelling and management.


We provide Financial & Investment management in the field as Project financing or Foreign investment etc.


The Administrative Board/Board of Directors manages and administers AxiomEE’s business by directing the work and coordinating the actions with the aim of executing the decisions taken by the General Assembly. It also takes all the steps it deems essential for the achievement of its corporate goals in its dealings with national, European or international authorities or organizations as well as any other persons or any other companies.

The Board determines the core business direction of the Company and oversees its proper performance. The Statutory Director is entrusted with the company’s business management, with the obligation to follow its basic orientation determined by the Board of Directors. The statutory director is, as a bearer of business management, obliged to act with due diligence.
The advantages of the single-tier board (versus the two-tiered board) can be categorized as: (1) having a superior flow of information, (2) faster decision making and (3) better understanding and involvment in the business by the board. Finally, the combination of more frequent meetings and the unity of the management and supervisory board allows more integration into the business strategy and decision making between the directors and management.

AxiomEE’s Chairman of Board and the Statutary Director is Petra Hubáčková.